Following deer traces

Following deer traces

Tršće – Farjev laz – Milanov vrh – Kozji vrh – Prezid – Tršće

  • TOTAL LENGTH: 33 km
  • ASPHALT: 22 km
  • GRAVEL: 11 km
  • TOTAL ASCEND: 540 m
  • HIGHEST POINT: 1035 m
  • LOWEST POINT: 760 m

The Following Deer Traces trail will take you through picturesque forests of the Čabar area where you will have the chance to see with your own eyes deers in their natural habitat.
From the very centre of Tršće (ČB 1) start your ride in the direction of Parg and after some 100 metres turn left on the crossroads (ČB 2) towards the Rudnik skiing area. After 1 km on your left side you will see a woody and steep slope of the Rudnik hill from which peak descends a 800 metres long ski slope and a steep ski lift. During winter months, the Rudnik ski area is visited by numerous skiers from surrounding villages as well as from Slovenia. Besides the “baby lift” on the bottom you will find “Brvnara” catering facility which offer will soon charge your batteries. Continue from Brvnara through the asphalt road until you reach the Crni Lazi village where, on the crossroads (ČB 6) you turn left. You will soon reach the gravel road and easily ascending through the western slopes of Rudnik you will reach the crossroads (ČB 7) on which you turn left and after 2.3 km arrive in the front of the resting point and the Farjev Laz Forest Hut. Here you can refresh with fresh water and if you have enough time you can prepare a barbecue.
Just below the hunting lodge is the crossroads (ČB 8) on which you turn right. After less then 2 km you will reach the crossroads (ČB 17) on which you can turn right and go back to Tršće through the Crni Lazi village. Or, on the same crossroads, you can turn left and after 4.5 km through forest road you will reach Milanov Vrh peak (ČB 18) where in the area of untouched nature, close to the forest hut, is located a shelter for deers. A visit to Milanov Vrh peak will offer you a unique chance to see deer or roe deer in ther natural habitat. On the Milanov Vrh peak you will wish to spend some more time or even take a break in a wooden marquee close to the fenced area from which a beautiful view over the whole lawn of Milanov Vrh peak is spread.
From Milanov Vrh peak you continue through asphalt road towards Kozji Vrh peak (ČB 19) from which a beautiful view over Skrad, Kupa Valley, Prezid hollow and Slovenia is spread and during sunny weather over the entire western horizon the Alp massif can be seen. There is the Tajči Retaurant on Kozji Vrh peak in which you can taste real Gorski kotar delicacies and other homemade meals. On the crossroads with the main Prezid – Tršće road you can turn left and ride a bit less then 3 km to reach Prezid in which you must not miss the visit to the Vesel ethnographic house from 1858 that still preserves the past and intimacy of family life of Prezid inhabitants as well as the large Homeland collection. It attracts mostly with the remains of Iyapides culture as well as with one particularity: remains of the wooden Prezid’s aqueduct. There is the arranged trail in Prezid with six positive energetic points called “Trbuhovica”. Take the same way to come back from Prezid to Kozji Vrh (ČB 19) and continue on the main road first to reach Parg (ČB 20) and then another 2.5 km to reach the centre of Tršće.

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