Short Trips

Besides seven stages for cyclists, we have created a several excursions. Spend your day in Gorski Kotar, visit interesting sites, attractions and please your palate with some of numerous specialties.

Around Risnjak

On a cycling excursion Around Risnjak you will meet the main characteristics of one of the oldest national parks in Croatia as well as the only one in which three European beasts found their habitat – wolf, bear and lynx after which the national park and the rocky...

Weiss adventure

The first real road that passed through Gorski Kotar, connecting Karlovac with Rijeka, was the Karolina road. It wasn’t at all an easy task for its constructor, Antun Matija Weiss, who was constrained to use unique architectonic solutions. Some of them can be seen even today regardless the...

Following deer traces

The Following Deer Traces trail will take you through picturesque forests of the Čabar area where you will have the chance to see with your own eyes deers in their natural habitat. From the very centre of Tršće (ČB 1) start your ride in the direction of Parg...

Korak od gora, dva od mora

A Step From the Mountains, Two From the Sea

Besides the attractive soil configuration, another excellent characteristic of Gorski Kotar is its closeness to the sea. Such advantage is particularly felt during summer months when you can escape from the hot seaside areas and refresh yourselves at the fresh mountain air, only few chilometres away. How close...

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