Stage 5: Tršće – Crni Lug

Section from Tršće to Crni Lug is also the highest section of the cycling trail that will lead you through the most densely forested regions of Gorski Kotar. It is also the section along which the only sounds you’ll hear, beside the noise of your wheels going across the gravel road, are the melody-singing birds and wind roaring when passing through bushy tree branches. Enchanted by myriad of scents of wild herbs you will also enjoy in view that extends from several unique panoramic viewpoints reachable only in your 2-wheels transport mean. Hunting lodges situated along this section will enable you to experience a real atmosphere of Gorski kotar forests, that priceless treasure. In Crni Lug where this section ends, you will be hosted by „his excellence“ – rocky Risnjak with all flora and fauna of the National Park it is situated in.


Tršće – Farjev Laz – Lividraga – Gerovo – Crni Lug

  • TOTAL LENGTH: 43 km
  • TOTAL ASCEND: 1080 m
  • HIGHEST POINT: 1060 m
  • LOWEST POINT: 590 m

From the very centre of Tršće we move toward Parg and after some 100 metres turn left towards the Rudnik ski resort. After 1 km, on your left you will see a woody and steep slope of the Rudnik hill from which peak descends 800 metres long ski slope and a steep ski lift. Continue through the asphalt road from the Brvnara catering facility to reach the Crni Lazi village where you turn left. You will soon reach the gravel road and easily ascending through the western slopes of Rudnik you will reach the resting place and the Farjev Laz forest hut. Here you can refresh with fresh water and if you have extra time you can prepare a barbecue as well. Just below the hunting lodge is the crossroads on which, if you turn right, after 6 km, you will reach through forest road (P1) Milan’s peak where the hunting lodge with fenced area for deers is located and then you can continue your ride to Parg and get back to Tršće.

From that crossroads the transverse road (ČB 8) will take you left to the next crossroads (ČB 9) on which you turn left again and ride through a dense beech and fir tree forest. Continue the ride through the most forested part of Gorski kotar ascending towards the area Medvedov štant where, after 3.5 km, you will reach the belvedere on your left side from which a beautiful view over Mali Lug and Vode is spread. Continue on the gravel road and reach the crossroads (ČB 16) on which you turn sharply left until the next crossroads on which you turn left again. On the area Volfov Laz (ČB 15) ride on the right side towards Skrbčev Laz, that is towards the ČB 14 crossroads on which you turn left towards Lividraga, that is, the ČB 13 point. After 2 km a spacious lawn with a dominant “Lividraga” hunting lodge will appear. The facility offers recreational outdoor contents as well as accommodation and boards upon previous announcement.

You can also ride from Lividraga towards Platak and Gornje Jelenje, whilst the transverse road will take you through the asphalt road towards Gerovo. After passing the plain part of the route, and before the road starts to descend, on your right side you will notice a belvedere that must not be ignored. You will enjoy a beautiful view over Gerovo and close hills that are rising over the Kupa Valley. After sightseeing, continue descending through serpentines until you reach Gerovo and the main road Tršće – Crni Lug where you turn right. If you turn left, you can go back to Tršće through the main road which is attractive and windy and on which a mountain auto race takes place. Or you can turn right in Mali Lug towards the Kupa Valley (P 2). There is an easy rise from Gerovo (9 km) through the area of Gerovo to Vršić crossroads after which the roads starts to descend towards Malo Selo. 2 km before you reach Malo Selo, will arrive to a crossroads for Biljevina and Razloge villages through which you can descend to Hrvatsko on the Kupa River (P 3). Then you will have only 1.5 km from Malo Selo to Crni Lug and to the end of this stage.

Connection roads


P1 (Gerovo – Zamost)

DESCRIPTION: If you want to descend from Gerovo area to the Kupa Valley, then use connection road P1. Here you can see the birth house of the legendary Petar Klepac as well as still active mill and sawmill in Gerovčica.

When you descend from Lividraga to Gerovo (ČB 30), at the crossroads with the main Tršće-Delnice road, continue straight through the centre of Gerovo to reach Mali Lug. In the very centre you cannot miss the sculpture of the legendary giant Petar Klepac, by his birth house. Not far from the sculpture, on the crossroads (ČB 28) turn right towards Zamost. A descent along a windy asphalt road follows to Zamost where, before the main crossroads (ČB 23), on your right side a mill and water sawmill will appear.

Length: 8,5 km
Highest point:
595 m
Lowest point:
300 m
Total ascent: Gerovo – Zamost: 120 m / Zamost – Gerovo: 440 m


P2 (Biljevina – Razloge – Hrvatsko)

DESCRIPTION: The best way to reach the lake karst emerald source i.e. the source of the Kupa River is to take the P2 connection road. But, as its name implies, you can use it to connect the Kupa Valley and the area of Crni Lug in the opposite way.
Riding from Gerovo direction towards Crni Lug, not far before Malo Selo, you will notice on your left side a crossroads with asphalt road that will take you to the source of the Kupa River and the Kupa Valley. If you turn left, after 2 km on the narrow road you will descend first to reach the Biljevina village and after another 2.5 km you will reach Razloški Okrug where you turn right in the direction of Razloge.

In Razloge, which is another 4 km away, you will find the Risnjak National Park info kiosk as well as the beginning of a mountain trail along which you will, in some 30 minutes, arrive to one of the most beautiful mountain views – source of the Kupa River. Continue to descend steeply from Razloge through the canyon of the Kupa River towards Hrvatsko which is another 5 km away.
Due to a steep, windy but very attractive road, we recommend you to be extra cautious.

Length: 13,5 km
Highest point:
745 m
Lowest point:
290 m
Total ascent: Biljevina – Hrvatsko: 120 m / Hrvatsko – Biljevina: 590 m


P3 (Delnice – Crni Lug)

DESCRIPTION: The P3 connection road between Crni Lug and Delnice passes along a part of the main road Čabar – Delnice so use it if you want to complete the Delnice’s trefoil – Brod na Kupi, Crni Lug and Delnice.

Instead of continuing straight towards Mrzle Vodice, in the centre of Crni Lug turn left and after 10.5 km you will reach the crossroads with Lujzijana road. Turn left and after 1 km you will reach the centre of Delnice.

Length: 11,5 km
Highest point:
770 m
Lowest point:
630 m
Total ascent: Crni Lug – Delnice: 170 m / Delnice – Crni Lug: 270 m

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