Stage 3: Severin na Kupi – Brod na Kupi

Your cycling adventure from Severin na Kupi to Brod na Kupi, villages whose names share the name of the Kupa river, begins at Ivan Goran Kovačić’s region. At the moment you reach Lukovdol, you will realize where Kovačić found inspiration to write his numerous works. You will finally understand that there is something in this region that encourages creativity, particularly in Plemenitaš, the place where were born some of the best artworks of Gorski kotar. It is very possible that such inspiration can also be found at Orlova stijena (Eagle Rock) that will leave you breathless – not just because an exhilarating climb but because of a stunning view over the Kupa river to whose banks you will descend passing through Brod na Kupi.


Severin na Kupi – Lukovdol – Plemenitaš – Brod Moravice – Čedanj – Brod na Kupi

  • TOTAL LENGTH: 37 km
  • TOTAL ASCEND: 900 m
  • HIGHEST POINT: 645 m
  • LOWEST POINT: 220 m

From the centre of Severin na Kupi descend along the Lujzijana road in the direction of Močile. After 1.5 km you will reach the crossroads on which you turn right towards Lukovdol. A windy asphalt road will take you through picturesque pastures, orchards and villages. After 4 km you will reach Lukovdol, the birthplace of the poet Ivan Goran Kovačić where are located the museum and amphitheatre as well as the church of the Holy Virgin Mary Taken to the Sky close by and the church of Francis Xavier, a, very valuable monument from 17th century.

From the centre of Lukovdol, the transverse road continues to Plemenitaš in which the Formative Art Workshop is located. During the summer season, art events that stimulate cultural tourism in Gorski kotar take place there. Just below the Formative Art Workshop you will reach the crossroads with gravel road on which you turn left and continue to the Ravni village. After that, follows a more demanding rise towards Brod Moravice through a dense beech forest.

The rise ends after almost 4 km on the crossroads for Orlova stijena (Eagle’s Rock) and Litorić excursion point. As a reward for a successfully finished rise, we suggest you to turn right on the same crossroads and after less than 1 km ride through the forest trail, one of the most beautiful mountain belvederes named “Eagle’s Rock” will appear. It is the place from where a wide view spreads over the beautiful Kupa River valley as well as villages of the neighbour Slovenija. Enjoy the view over the longest Croatian river and then continue your ride towards the Razdrto village where the asphalt road begins. A windy road will take you to Brod Moravice – in the heart of the smallest, but the oldest municipality of Gorski kotar on which area are located 38 settlements, several excuisite belveders over the Kupa River (Kavranova and Orlova stijena, Špičasti vrh, Medveja stena, etc.), a number of churches and chapels as well as the oldest, excellently preserved, house in Gorski kotar – the Delač house from 1644. If we add some 50 km of arranged and marked cycling trails and several strawberry, raspberry, cherry and mushroom growers, we believe you will want to stay here a couple of days longer.

From the centre of Brod Moravice, transverse road descends towards the Lokvica village where you turn right in the direction of Brod na Kupi. What is waiting for you is over 5 km long descent towards Kupa valley and Čedanj village located on the very banks of Kupa River. After Čedanj, a plesant ride follows along the Kupa River all up to the Brod na Kupi where the Zrinski Castle is located. Inside it there is a permanent exhibition of hunting, fishing and forestry exhibits as well as the “Fran Krsto Frankopan” Elementary School with very intereting instructive “Bear Trail”.

Connection road


P9 (Donja Dobra – Brod Moravice)

DESCRIPTION: The shortest connection road of the mountain cycling traverse road connects the traverse road at its narrowest part. In this way you can change the traverse road direction at Vrbovsko and Brod Moravice area or explore that area in a best possible way as both areas have a number of cycling trails.

The lower point of the P9 connection road is by the Lujzijana road and can be reached through the traverse road from Skrad direction. Before crossing Lujzijana road, you will reach the crossroads for Brod Moravice and turn up left. After only 1.5 km you will reach the centre of Brod Moravice.

Length: 1,5 km
Highest point:
850 m
Lowest point:
390 m
Total ascent: Brod Moravice – Donja Dobra: 20 m / Donja Dobra – Brod Moravice: 160 m

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