Stage 2: Skrad – Severin na Kupi

The section from Skrad to Severin na Kupi can be easily named „Cycling from Dobra to Kupa River“. It is because from Skrad, where Dobra river emerges, you will start cycling over a hilly part of the left bank of the Dobra river to be able to enjoy numerous orchards and fragrances of seasonal fruits. Then will continue along the Dobra river’s valley where one of the still not completely discovered pearls of Gorski kotar is situated. From Vrbovsko, continue cycling through endless expanses of beech forests, a boundary dividing the Croatia lowland from its upland region.
At the end of this stage you will be hosted by the Kupa river and Zrinski and Frankopan Castle.


Skrad – Žrnovac – Donja Dobra – Moravice – Vrbovsko – Veliki Jadrč – Severin

  • TOTAL LENGTH: 43 km
  • TOTAL ASCEND: 770 m
  • HIGHEST POINT: 720 m
  • LOWEST POINT: 220 m

From the centre of Skrad, near the Tourist Information Centre, you will get the Lujzijana road in the direction of Karlovac and immediately after 100 m turn from Lujzijana left towards Zeleni Vir, the protected landscape proud of the most beautiful and most attractive 800 metres long canyon in Croatia – Vražji prolaz (Devil’s Passage) with Muževa hižica (Husband’s Small House) cave. Besides that, you must not miss the 70 metres high waterfall after which the same excursion point was named. After 250 metres you will reach another crossroads on which, if your turn left, you can reach directly Zeleni Vir (P 8). On the same crossroads the Mountain cycling transverse will take you right to the easy rise through the settlement of Skrad’s family houses towards the Tusti Vrh village. After that an easy descends on mixed gravel and asphalt road follows through Sleme Skradsko and Žrnovac villages as well as through the forest area, all down to the Donja Dobra village.

In Donja Dobra you will exit the forest over a small bridge and on the asphalt road you turn right. After 500 m you will again reach the crossroads with Lujzijana road on which, if you turn rigidly left, you will reach Brod Moravice (P 12). The traverse road on the same crossroads will take you right along Lujzijana in the Skrad direction and after 500 m you turn left. You will pass the bridge under which the Dobra River passes and continue straight on the gravel road along the railway and Dobra River to reach Moravice. After 4 km you’ll reach Moravice and then turn right on the first crossroads over the Dobra River. After 200 m turn left and continue your ride along Dobra River.

From Moravice continue your ride towards Vrbovsko through a number of pastures and orchards, all the way followed by the Dobra River. There will wait for you the Tići village in which one of the most romantic lakes in Gorski kotar is located – the Čogrljevo Lake. There are another 7.5 km of ride from Tići village to Vrbovsko, first on the asphalt road and then a part on the gravel road too. You will see a large turn on the Karolina road where you turn left and easily ascending, reach the centre of Vrbovsko. If you turn right, you can turn back along Karolina road through Stara Sušica to Ravna Gora (P 11) or after 400 metres turn left towards Kamačnik canyon – a picturesque canyon of the homonymous river which, on its mouth in Dobra, creates a narrow rocky passage with several bridges and galleries, very suitable for a pleasant one hour walk.

Riding through the main street, you will not be able to miss the church of St. John of Nepomuk whilst 200 m further, on your right, you will see the Tourist Information Centre where you can get all necessary information. Traverse road will take you further to the crossroads with traffic light on which you continue straight in the direction of Hambarište. The asphalt road will take you through the Mrzla Draga village and underpass of the Rijeka – Zagreb highway. Then continue 3 km to reach the crossroads for Kamensko. Turn left on the gravel road and ride through the forest for some 2 km, until you reach the asphalt crossroads where you turn left again. After 2 km on gravel road that slightly ascents, you will reach the western part of the Veliki Gložac tunnel on the Rijeka—Zagreb highway.

After almost 2 km pass twice across the gas pipeline and then reach an overpass. Go over it and then turn right. After 1 km of gravel road you will reach asphalt and, on the next crossroads, at the entrance to the Veliki Jadrč village, turn left. There is nothing left but to follow the asphalt road which will take you across lawns of Severin area to the Lujzijana road and Severin na Kupi. Do not either miss the Zrinski and Frankopans castle from 15th century in Severin na Kupi. Ruinous but ancient, still resists the ravages of time, standing, like a guardian, above the Kupa River itself.

Connection roads


P6 (Iševnica – Zeleni Vir – Skrad)

DESCRIPTION: The cycling trail P6 connecting Brod na Kupi and Skrad is one of the most attractive as well as one of the most demanding connection roads on the mountain cycling traverse road. It is recommended to those who like high-adrenaline trails because of parts that are mostly narrow forest trails and steep ascend.
From the main road that connects Delnice and Brod na Kupi turn in the direction of Iševnica and cross the bridge above Kupica. Continue on the asphalt road along the Curak stream and after 2.5 km, near Donji Ložac, turn right on the gravel road (on the same crossroads you can continue on the asphalt road that will take you directly to Skrad).

Then you have another 1.5 km of gravel road which ends with a widening. Continue after that on the promenade along the Curak stream which you will cross over several times across small wooden bridges. On some parts of this trail you will also need to push your bike. After 1.5 km of enjoying the beautiful blend of Curak’s water flow and flora diversity, you will reach steps that will lead you to the asphalt road which will take you to the Zeleni Vir excursion point. After visiting Zeleni Vir, take the same road back to reach previously mentioned steps and continue uphill towards Skrad. You will have to pass 2.5 km of steep ascent until the first crossroads on which you turn right and after 1.5 km of a closer ascending you will reach Skrad.

Length: 9,5 km
Highest point:
660 m
Lowest point:
240 m
Total ascent: Iševnica – Skrad: 520 m / Skrad – Iševnica: 50 m


P8 (Vrbovsko – Ravna Gora)

DESCRIPTION: It is one of the most demanding connection roads as its longest part is a large ascent. Of course, if you are heading from Vrbovsko towards Ravna Gora. The story is completely different in the opposite direction. However, regardless the ascent, this part of Karolina road can be experienced in a different way only if riding a bike.

Ride from Vrbovsko through the Karolina road across the Dobra River. Ascent first through Senjsko and then through Jablan for almost 8 km to reach Stara Sušica. Just before the castle, the most recognized symbol of Stara Sušica, the ascent becomes easier. There are another 7 km of mostly easy ascent and just before the end an easy descend to the centre of Ravna Gora.

Length: 14,5 km
Highest point:
850 m
Lowest point:
390 m
Total ascent: Vrbovsko – Ravna Gora: 670 m / Ravna Gora – Vrbovsko: 205 m


P9 (Donja Dobra – Brod Moravice)

DESCRIPTION: The shortest connection road of the mountain cycling traverse road connects the traverse road at its narrowest part. In this way you can change the traverse road direction at Vrbovsko and Brod Moravice area or explore that area in a best possible way as both areas have a number of cycling trails.

The lower point of the P9 connection road is by the Lujzijana road and can be reached through the traverse road from Skrad direction. Before crossing Lujzijana road, you will reach the crossroads for Brod Moravice and turn up left. After only 1.5 km you will reach the centre of Brod Moravice.

Length: 1,5 km
Highest point:
850 m
Lowest point:
390 m
Total ascent: Brod Moravice – Donja Dobra: 20 m / Donja Dobra – Brod Moravice: 160 m

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