Stages of Gorski kotar cycling trails

The Trail consists of 7 stages that will guide you all over Gorski kotar region.
Every stage is described in detail, attractions, restaurants, accommodation, shortcuts...

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Etapa 1 - Delnice - Skrad

Stage 1: Delnice – Skrad

A section of Gorski kotar's Cycling Trail from Delnice to Skrad will provide you with a possibility to truly experience Gorski kotar - combining rises and falls through its colorful woodland vegetation. You will start from Delnice, pass through the slopes of Petehovac to Karolina Road, the oldest...

Etapa 2 - Skrad - Severin

Stage 2: Skrad – Severin na Kupi

The section from Skrad to Severin na Kupi can be easily named „Cycling from Dobra to Kupa River“. It is because from Skrad, where Dobra river emerges, you will start cycling over a hilly part of the left bank of the Dobra river to be able to enjoy...

Etapa 3 - Severin na Kupi - Brod na Kupi

Stage 3: Severin na Kupi – Brod na Kupi

Your cycling adventure from Severin na Kupi to Brod na Kupi, villages whose names share the name of the Kupa river, begins at Ivan Goran Kovačić's region. At the moment you reach Lukovdol, you will realize where Kovačić found inspiration to write his numerous works. You will...

Etapa 4 - Brod na Kupi - Tršće

Stage 4: Brod na Kupi – Tršće

As our „Kupa Highway“ will be ready for use in summer 2013, to cycle upstream the Butterfly Valley, which is another name for valley of the river Kupa, habitat of more than 500 species of butterflies, you will have to use the road on the Slovenian bank. ...

Etapa 5 - Tršće - Crni Lug

Stage 5: Tršće – Crni Lug

Section from Tršće to Crni Lug is also the highest section of the cycling trail that will lead you through the most densely forested regions of Gorski Kotar. It is also the section along which the only sounds you'll hear, beside the noise of your wheels going across...

Etapa 6 - Crni Lug - Fužine

Stage 6: Crni Lug – Fužine

After pedalling along the forest expanses, it is time to visit another treasury of Gorski kotar – waters. After the Kupa river, a section from Crni Lug to Fužine can be named a section of „Gorski kotar Lakes“. Immediately after Crni Lug, in Mrzla Vodica you will be...

Etapa 7 - Fužine - Delnice

Stage 7: Fužine – Delnice

Cycling through Gorski Kotar is a ride that wakes up all the senses – you will enjoy the beautiful panoramic viewpoints, wild herbs scents, birdsongs but even Gorski kotar's mouth-watering delicacies. The Fužine – Delnice section offer you all the aforementioned – from the mountain lavender fields in...

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