Gorski Kotar is full of attractions that must not be missed. Natural phenomenon, belvederes, instructive trails, reminders of past times.

Popović Mill

The mill of the Mihelčić family, locally known as “Popovićev mlin”, is located at Supilova 76. The construction of the electric mill started in 1924 with the capital of Josip and Francika Mihelčić, returnees from America. This was one of the first properties in Delnice to receive electricity. …

Zrinski Castle

In the centre of Brod na Kupi, the Zrinski noble family built a castle, which consists of a three-storey rectangular building and outer fortifications (today ruined). Zrinski Castle in Brod na Kupi dates back to 1651 and was built by Prince Petar Zrinski, probably on the site of …

Lič Ethnographic Collection

This ethnographic collection was registered as a cultural monument back in 1995, when it included a total of 63 exhibits. Over the years, new interesting items from the past have been added, and many people from the local area, and even those who only occasionally come here, have …

Palčeva šiša

Palčeva šiša is a house owned by Čop relatives from 1856. It is a cultural monument located on the border between Croatia and Slovenia. It is located in the centre of Plešce village. The house itself presents life of rich farms in the middle of 19th century as …

The Stone Pillars

An old road, known locally as the “Karolina”, has passed through Mrkopalj since 1732. A few kilometres further, in the village of Brestova Draga, there are the remnants of bridge pillars, known locally as fajeri, which at the time of their construction were a unique example of this …

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